April Ringing in the CBB

Spring has arrived and here are the ringing plans for the month of April.

Saturday 13th May we shall have a branch practice at Winslow.  This is at 10.30 am as the church is not available on Saturday evenings.  There will be a focus on plain hunting on both 6 and 8 as requested but the tower, but we will also hope to ring a range of other methods – Please come along if you can.

Wednesday 24th April will be the progressors practice at Haddenham.  Do join us if you are learning Stedman triples or moving on into simple Surprise Major.

Nationally it is St George’s day on Tuesday 23rd and as ever we are encouraged to ring on this day if possible, perhaps a good excuse for a quarter peal?

Finally, let us hope to have as many of our bells as possible rung on Easter Morning, 21st!  If you need help please let one of the officers know to see if they can find additional ringers available for your service ringing.

Advance Notice of Striking Competition -11th May

Saturday11th May is the date for this year’s striking competition which will be held at Cuddington where the back 6 will be used for ringing. These are lovely, easy going bells and not very heavy, so plenty of towers should feel able to have a go.  Please put the date in your diaries now!

Remember  – this is a competition to produce the best sounding ringing.  Good call changes always sound better outside than poorly struck doubles. Obviously those bands who can manage doubles and minor well should ring those, but for the less experienced simple is best!  Decide what you would like to ring now and practice for the next couple of months so that you are ready for the competition day.

Aylesbury young ringers achievements

Last month saw two of the Aylesbury young ringers reach milestones in their progress on the Learning the Ropes scheme (the blue book!).  Cory has been awarded his level 4 and Aidan his level 3.  Congratulations to them both!  We look forward to seeing more of our newer ringers making similar progress.

Branch Practice

This month’s branch practice will be at Marsh Gibbon on Saturday 9th March.  Do come along to ring on this pleasant 5.  Lots of opportunities for our newest members to ring rounds and call changes on 5 bells as well as plenty of doubles for the more experienced.

The Improvers practice will be at Stewkley on Wednesday 27th March.

Striking Competition update

Annual 6 bell striking competition

Saturday 12th May

at East Claydon

Draw 2.30pm

Light tea served during the afternoon

And as suggested at the branch AGM……

**BBQ and Branch Social in Claydon’s Mushroom Club after the results**

If your tower cannot raise a full band, still come along for an enjoyable afternoon and we will put together non-competitive teams on the afternoon.


Come along for the latter part of the day and enjoy meeting friends at the BBQ from 5.30pm approx

Entries and numbers for tea and /or BBQ to Anne Pratt by Wednesday 9th May please  01844 201611

Branch Striking Competition – 12th May

A reminder that the branch competition will be held at East Claydon on Saturday 12th May.  All towers are encouraged to enter a team (or two!).  You do not have to be able to ring fancy methods as this is about the quality of the striking, so good call changes is better than bad bob doubles!  Find six people who would like to come out for this fun and sociable afternoon (yes there will be a proper ringers tea) and then decide what you can ring well.  If you need any help contact one of the branch officers who can give advice on anything from calling call changes to finding one more person to make up your band.

Improvers 8-Bell Practice

Having had a break last month because of Holy Week, the new Improvers 8-bell practice is back this month at Stewkley.  Joining the normal practice, but with a focus on Stedman Triples and simple Surprise Major, anyone looking to move on from Plain Bob and Grandsire is welcome, but please come having looked at the blue line!  Next month will be at Haddenham on 24th May  (4th Wednesday)

Branch Outing – London No3 – to Docklands and Greenwich

Saturday 14th April was the date set for the third branch outing to London, again all on foot or using public transport.  This year we visited Docklands and Greenwich.  22 people from across the branch, including a good number of younger members, caught trains from three stations but all arrived within five minutes of each other at  the first tower, Bermondsey.  From here we headed on to Rotherhithe, walking along the Thames path with lovely views back to the city. From Rotherhithe it was a walk to the bus for Greenwich where we had a good long lunch time enjoyed variously picnicking  in the park, viewing the sights or just supping pints with lunch.  We reconvened at
the entrance to the foot tunnel and walked under the river to the next tower, on the Isle of Dogs then on by way of the DLR to our one 10 bell
tower at Limehouse. Then it was back on the DLR to Shadwell and a short walk to the final tower of the day, St George In the East, before wearily making our way back to the appropriate mainline stations for the journey home. We visited some impressive towers and rang on some  very nice bells in a completely different part of London. Although not over complicated the ringing was good, including some very good raises and lowers, Cambridge Major and Grandsire Caters. Many thanks to Jeremy for organising another rinteresting and enjoyable day out.

Reminders and update

The planning for the branch outing is well in hand – we are heading to London to identify a suitable lunch stop this Saturday – so don’t forget to mark your calendars for the third CBB London outing on Saturday 14th April.  As in previous years we will travel to London by train,  leaving local stations at about 0830, and ringing at 5 towers.  This year the focus is Greenwich.  Watch this space for updates on towers and timings.
Next week, on Wednesday 28th, the first of our new 8 bell improver sessions will be held during the practice at Haddenham 7.30-9.00.  The aim of the session will be to ring Stedman Triples, Cambridge and Yorkshire S Major.  If you can already ring Stedman Doubles and/or Cambridge Minor this is the opportunity to move on to the methods on 8 bells.  Please do some homework before you come!   If you can’t make this month, the next practice will be on Wednesday 25th April at Stewkley (no practice in March as it is Holy Week).

Training update

After best part of a year out of action around the branch, Anne is back and looking for projects to support.  Saturday 10th February saw a very successful morning at Winslow where the band had asked for help in securing their Plain Bob Doubles.  A good group of helpers from around the branch were able to support a two hour session including looking at raising and lowering.  It  is a session that the tower would like to repeat for consolidation in a few months.  Could this be the type of session that your band needs? Horwood are next on the list!

As you will have seen from the AGM report, we have a new monthly practice focusing on developing more advanced ringing on 8.  The first session at Haddenham on Wednesday 28th February will focus on Stedman, Yorkshire and Cambridge, within the normal practice. If you already ring Cambridge Minor or Stedman Doubles this will be an opportunity to move on.  For others it will mean revisiting methods not rung for quite some time.  Please make sure you have done some homework before you come!  There will not be a practice in March as it would fall in Holy Week so the following practice, at Stewkley, will be on Wednesday 25th April.