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Here is a collection of links.  Sorted into a few categories.  If you have any suggestions of other websites that you think should be included in this list, or notice any broken links on this page, please notify the webmaster.

Oxford Diocesan Guild Links
Other Ringing Links
List of Bell Founders, Hangers, Suppliers etc – VERY USEFUL!!

Oxford DG Links

Oxford Diocesan Guild Website. There is a great deal of info on the Guild on this site which is being developed to replace the previous site

ODG map of branches
A clickable map of the ODG branches – currently not available

Banbury Branch

Bicester Branch

Chiltern Branch

Chipping Norton Branch

East Berks & South Bucks

Newbury Branch

North Bucks Branch

Old North Berks Branch

Oxford City Branch

Reading Branch

Sonning Deanery Branch

South Oxon Branch

Vale of the White Horse Branch

Witney & Woodstock Branch

Guild Educational Leaflets
Download some of the Guild Leaflets free of charge.

Other Links and Resources

Central Council Website for all things ringing, including: forms, information and even more ringing links than nodes in the human brain!

CCCBR – Bell recordings
Central Council Website for bell recordings.

Bell Ringing Recruitment Leaflet
Here you can find a fantastic little leaflet that you can print off to put in your tower, or alternatively you could go and order some from the listed email address and get them professionally printed for free!

Bell Ringing Recruitment Poster
Some time ago they were giving out free copies of these posters with the ringing world, but this is no longer the case, you can now print them for free from here or pay a small fee to get some copies printed on to A4 or A3 sized paper

Practice Toolkit
This is a free toolkit that the CCCBR have put together to help individual towers progress, there are posters, learn the lines, quizes to see if you can remember and parts to move you on to the next level.

Dove’s Guide
Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers. It started off as a book in the dark days but now is a website updated daily (oh how the internet is so fantastic!) A truly amazing work, cataloguing the worlds towers in a useful and relational way – a must if looking for practices, bell details and locations!!!

Ringing World
This is the Ringing World’s website where you can subscribe to “The Comic”, buy your diary for the next year, or other items from the shop.  You can also purchase online subscriptions for the paper.

BellBoard – Ringing performances online
BellBoard is The Ringing World’s online resource.  It is there for submitting peals, quarter peals and other notable performances.  Because it’s fairly new, it is developing quite quickly with new features being added frequently.  One of my favourite parts of it is that you can “Like” performances and there is a ranking system for other highly rated performances.


Association of Ringing Teachers home page with details of courses newsletters and helpful hints for teachers

SmART Ringer

Login page to access the ART website for Learning the ropes leaners, teachers and assessors – methods and compositions
An amazing selection of methods and relevent data, as well as compositions to call. A complete reference for method ringers.

Online Method Printer –
All of the central councils methods and an option to enter your own with place notation. A choice of colours and type of print out allows numerous styles to be selected. A fantastic method printer (pdf output) for all ringers.

Ringing Wiki site
A growing collection of articles, pictures and sounds related to the art of ringing. Have you ever wondered about the tax implications of taking wedding fees? How about the different music Bristol produces in a plain lead? What is Plain Bob Doubles? Look no further! Ringing Wiki has these answers, and more!

A selection of method diagrams
These posters/ crib sheets are great for learning methods… absolutely everything is there!  Have a look at them and print them off either on A4 or if you have A3 then it could be put up as a poster for everyone in the tower!

Learn those methods! A helpful way of learning methods, from this website you can access an online version, a mobile phone version (java phones – works on most modern ones!!) and a computer version…

Method Workshop
A free utility for Showing and printing Method diagrams. This latest version will work on Windows Vista. Download, Install, sit back and Run. A great way to communicate Methods and print off Diagrams for your tower.

Heaton’s Notes on Ringing
A great series of notes on all aspects of ringing: learning, teaching, maintenance, conducting, belfry humour and puzzles and much more!!

Have you ever rung a peal? If so you can apply to access this free resource by sending in your peal totals to 2007 – whether it’s zero or 240!

Change Ringing Resources
Many more ringing links can be found on this page, links that we have not got on our website!

Stedman Triples
A resource for those interested in calling Stedman Triples.

Hibberts bell tuning and analysis website.

National Bell Register
A list of all tower bells in England, supplied in excel format.

List of Bell Founders, Hangers and Suppliers for Ringing Related things


Avon Bell Ropes

Ellis and Pritchards Bell Ropes

Mendip Bell Ropes

John Taylor & Co
Based in Loughborough.

White’s of Appleton
Our local Bell Hangers.

Big Wilf’s Bell Muffles
Velcro Bell Muffles from “Big Wilf”

Tower Essentials
Sells ringing boxes, spikes, peal boards – Cheap Stays!!