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Training Quarter Peals to replace advanced practices from April 2014

At the recent branch officers meeting one item for discussion was the lapsed 4th Saturday advanced practices.  It was decided that there is still a need for ringing at this level, but more planning is needed to ensure a successful session.  Rather than open ringing we will now plan to ring a quarter peal each month aimed at helping one or two individuals to consolidate their ringing of one of the more advanced methods. ‘Advanced’ in this case is to be defined as Stedman and above. Experienced ringers from around the branch will be called on to support each of these sessions.  If a quarter is not scored, we will still aim to ring the method for an hour to give as much practice as possible. A quarter of Stedman doubles is already planned for the 25th April.  The training officer, Anne Pratt,  will be looking for suggestions and requests for the following months and will make the arrangements for these quarter peals.  If you, or a member of your band, has been learning a method but never quite had the chance to ring more than half a course and would love to try for a quarter peal with an experienced band please let one of the officers know.  The officers will be out and about visiting tower practices during the coming months, so talk to them when they visit.  Plans can only be made if we know what is needed!